The FLAC’s mission is to support, promote and publicize contemporary art in the Leman, or Lake Geneva, region, whether through artists or exhibition spaces, both institutional and independent. Its members create and cultivate a platform, both on paper in the Guide, and on line on the website; it is dedicated to the artists of canton Vaud.  For this third edition of the Guide Contemporain, the selection has been opened up to canton Geneva. The Foundation’s acronym now contains the word “Lémanique” (Lake Geneva is known as the Lac Léman in French), instead of “Lausanne”. The goal is to create new synergies through this inter-cantonal project.


The Guide brings together the artists and spaces that the Foundation promotes and shows a glimpse of their work and activities. It is a professional tool for gallery owners and artists and a path of discovery for art lovers. The first edition was published in 2010 and the second in 2012. 1,700 copies of volume I of the Guide have been sold, and 1,200 of volume II. Over 300 copies were also handed out to artists, public figures and spaces. In order to publish volume III, the Foundation turned over a new leaf and joined forces with a Geneva committee in order to open up the selection to spaces and artists in canton Geneva. Publication of the new book will be accompanied by the launching of a new website that will introduce the contemporary art spaces, selected by the members of the committees, in detail. The publication will only present artists.


Since 2011, the FLAC has set up the “Actions Contemporaines” system. This initiative aims to promote, develop and boost the sales of local artists’ work or of initiatives taken by spaces selected in the Guide. The Foundation also joins forces with spaces and artists to propose 10-piece signed limited editions of original artworks for 200 CHF during shows. This completes the extra visibility given by the Guide and its website. The FLAC has thus been able to bring out over 450 prints with 45 renowned or emerging artists.


  • Promoting the cultural and intellectual life of cantons Vaud and Geneva on the national and international scene
  • Reinforcing the accessibility of art for the public
  • Helping produce contemporary artworks and shows
  • Creating and presenting a collection of contemporary art by artists from the Lake Geneva region or who have shown their work in cantons Vaud and Geneva
  • Encouraging exchanges by welcoming international artists and helping Swiss artists show abroad
  • Encouraging the activities of independent contemporary art spaces in the Lake Geneva region
  • Supporting artists in their artistic and administrative approaches
  • Editing and circulating catalogues, artists’ books, websites
  • Stimulating interdisciplinary research between the fields of art and science (technological and human)


  • President: Sophie Rogivue
  • Vice-president: Florian Schmied
  • Treasurer: Geneviève Châtelain
  • Secretary: Alain Weber
  • Members: Anne Biéler, Laurent Delaloye, Simon Lamunière, Julie Lang, Chantal Prod’Hom



  • Béatrice Béguin
  • Sophie Costes
  • Michelle Dedelley
  • Laurent Delaloye
  • Manuella Denogent
  • Adèle Etter
  • Emmanuel Granjean
  • Samuel Gross
  • Simon Lamunière
  • Balthazar Lovay
  • Philippe Lüscher
  • Hélène Mariétoz
  • Marie Neumann
  • Chantal Prod’Hom
  • Florian Schmied
  • Stefano Stoll
  • Karine Tissot


The Foundation warmly thanks its many sponsors and partners