One of the Fondation Lémanique pour l’Art Contemporain’s main goals is to support the distribution and promotion of artists’ work, as well as that of the spaces they manage or that show their work. Since 2011, the FLAC has thus set up the “ Actions Contemporaines” system, prints brought out in collaboration with the city of Lausanne and Atelier Raynald Métraux. This initiative aims to promote, develop and energise the sale of local artists’ work or the initiatives of spaces selected in the Guide. The Foundation thus joins with spaces and artist during exhibits to propose an original print for 200CHF, limited to 10 numbered prints. To date, the FLAC has thus printed 450 engravings with 47 emerging or established artist in 27 exhibition spaces.

All the prints were made by Atelier Raynald Métraux in Lausanne.

To 21 June 2018 From 21 July 2018

Edition n°59

Space(s):Galerie Heinzer Reszler Artist(s): Andreas Hochuli

To 24 May 2018 From 14 July 2018

Edition n°58

Space(s):FORMA Artist(s): Lucie Kohler

To 4 May 2018 From 18 May 2018

Edition n°57

Space(s):EEEEH! La Grenette Artist(s): Léonore Baud

To 24 November 2017 From 16 December 2017

Edition N°56

Space(s):abstract Artist(s): Silvia Velázquez

To 22 November 2017 From 31 December 2017

Edition n°55

Space(s):Boutique des Créateurs Artist(s): Daniel Ruggiero

To 15 November 2017 From 20 February 2018

Edition n°54

Space(s):Abordage Artist(s): Camille Scherrer

To 5 October 2017 From 30 November 2017


Space(s):Espace CHUV Artist(s): Olivier Christinat

To 10 June 2017 From 1 July 2017


Space(s):abstract Artist(s): Aso Mohammadi, Charles Frôté, Pauline Aellen

To 6 May 2017


Space(s):La Placette Artist(s): Genêt Mayor

To 27 April 2017 From 2 June 2017


Space(s):Kissthedesign Artist(s): David Weishaar

To 24 November 2016 From 24 November 2016


Space(s):Boutique des Créateurs Artist(s): Adrien Rovero

To 16 September 2016 From 29 October 2016

Edition n°48

Space(s):Kissthedesign Artist(s): Tenko

To 25 August 2016 From 2 October 2016

Edition n°47

Space(s):Musée Alexis Forel Artist(s): Anouchka Pérez

To 27 May 2016 From 28 August 2016

Edition n°46

Space(s):Musée de l'Elysée Artist(s): Steeve Iuncker

To 26 May 2016 From 14 June 2016

Edition n°45

Space(s):Musée d'Art de Pully Artist(s): Luc Andrié

To 12 May 2016 From 29 May 2016

Edition n°44

Space(s):LAC Artist(s): Régis Colombo

To 14 April 2016 From 14 April 2016

Edition n°43

Space(s):Espace TILT Artist(s): Alexandre Loye , Marc Batalla

To 13 April 2016 From 13 April 2016

Edition n°42

Space(s):CHUV Artist(s): Zaric

To 22 January 2016 From 13 February 2016

Edition n°41

Space(s):abstract Artist(s): John Lippens

To 4 December 2015 From 23 December 2015

Edition n°40

Space(s):FORMA Artist(s): Pierre Bonard , Sylvie Mermoud