Davel 14

A polyvalent space, Davel 14 is both a bookbinding and framing workshop as well as a contemporary art gallery. These different functions collaborate to produce Davel 14 editions. The artists exhibited belong to the local or the international artistic scenes. They have the opportunity to propose an edition for their exhibition, which is produced jointly with the gallery. Each series is available from the opening onwards and add themselves to the various objects already present in the Davel 14 editions catalogue. Recently exhibited artists include: Christian Stuker, Elisabeth Llach, Luc Andrié, Line Marquis, Joan Ayrton, Sophie Bouvier Ausländer, Gilles Porret, and David Gagnebin-de Bons, Genêt Mayor.


Davel 14
Rue Davel 14
1096 Cully
+41 21 799 33 37
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Access:Train régional direction Vevey, Cully
Person in charge:
Carmilla Schmidt