Fonderie Kugler

The Fonderie is the cultural and artistic space of the Fédération des artistes de Kugler(FAK). Managed collectively by way of an office, it consists of artists, curators, cultural players, technicians, all residents of Usine Kugler and members of the FAK association. Right in the middle of the professional artists’ studios (approx. 220 active artists) in the former Geneva tap factory, this space is mainly focussed on artistic research and emerging arts. The Fonderie allows large numbers of artists to work occasionally in a 400 m2 modular space that has kept its industrial architecture, and to show their production there. It sometimes offers a temporary space to artists and collectives that do not yet have a place to develop specific projects. The Fonderie answers the many needs of artists, be they residents of Usine Kugler or outsiders, but also of the public, by giving it better knowledge of emerging culture and contemporary creations.


Fonderie Kugler
Avenue de la Jonction 19
1205 Genève
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Access:Tram 6,14, arrêt Jonction; Tram 9, arrêt Délices
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