Galerie de l’Univers

In 1996, Michelle and Marc Agron Ukaj decided to open an art gallery in the upper storey of their ancient and rare bookshop in the heart of Lausanne. As art dealers, they specialise in the sale of Swiss and French classics from the first half of the 20th century. As gallerists, they show contemporary artists. It is not uncommon to find an artwork in the very centre of their bookshop window! Some artists shown in the past: Arduino Cantàfora, Emilienne Farny, Muma, Manuel Müller, Daniel Frank, Yves Dana, Philippe Racine, Chantal Moret, Zaric, Alex Rabus, Philippe Fretz. Some artist for sale: Edmond Bille, Louis Soutter, Henry Bischoff, Abraham Hermanjat, Félix Vallotton, Gérard de Palézieux, Pierre Soulages, Pietro Sarto, Géa Augsbourg.



Galerie de l’Univers
Rue Centrale 5
1003 Lausanne
+ 41 21 312 85 42
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Access:Métro M1 et M2, Lausanne-Flon
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