Galerie du Marché

After opening in 1998 with a retrospective show on René Auberjonois (1872-1957), Vaudois artist, the Galerie du Marché and Jean-David Mermod specialised in marginal and modern art. It offers several shows per year, monographic or on a theme, with works by mainly Vaudois and international artists, regularly in the field of raw art. Some artists shown in the past: Helmut Nimozewski, Stéphanie Miguet, Yves D’Anglefort, Claude Baechtold, Yves-Jules, Gérard Sendrey, Gérard de Palézieux, Carol Bailly, Aloïse, Pietro Sarto, Mix & Remix, Marilou Délèze, Serge Kliaving.


Galerie du Marché
Escaliers du Marché 1
1003 Lausanne Lausanne
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