Galerie Heinzer Rezler

Right in the heart of the Quartier du Flon, the Heinzer Reszler gallery represents mainly Swiss and French contemporary artists at the start of their career and a few unestablished artists. Photography, installation, painting, sculpture, the gallery shows all forms of art. Some artists shown explore the possibilities offered by new technologies, others play with matter and colour. The diversity of contemporary creation is the name of the game. Artistes shown in the past: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Thibault Brunet, Mirko Baselgia, Sylvain Croci-Torti, Aurélie Gravas, Simon Roberts, Andreas Hochuli, Sophie Bouvier Ausländer, Adrien Couvrat, Aurélie Gravas, Robert Quint.


Galerie Heinzer Rezler
Rue du Port-Franc 9
1003 Lausanne
+41 793728610
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Access:Métro M2, Lausane-Flon
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