Le Cabanon

Located in the Arts section (Anthropole) of the University of Lausanne, the Cabanon’s essential goals are to bring together theoretical research and practical experiences, whilst encouraging dialogue between artists and the university’s students and faculty. The exhibitions concentrate on contemporary creations by Swiss-based artists. Le Cabanon is affiliated with the history of art department and provides students with the opportunity to confront theory and practice and to foster exchange between the artistic scene and the academic one. A real garden shed at the heart of the department that seems to evoke Vitruvius’ myth of the primitive hut, Le Cabanon is a house within a house that never fails to attract curious students and visitors alike.


Le Cabanon
Université de Lausanne, bâtiment Anthropole
1015 Lausanne
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Access:Métro m1, arrêt UNIL-Dorigny
Person in charge:
Julie Lang