Ligne Treize

The LIGNE treize gallery was launched in 2002. Its double aim is to welcome creators and collectors, all faced with current artistic expression. The LIGNE treize gallery defines itself as a place for encounters and exchanges and proposes a range of multidisciplinary artists who attempt to question the image and its representation. The gallery is open to institutional collaborations, in particular with the co-curatorship of the “Autofictions et mythologies personnelles” show at Forum Meyrin, but also with the Art Mobile centre in the ACSC network (France). This was an opportunity to develop a Franco-Swiss connection and to launch a work with art and literature.


Ligne Treize
Rue Ancienne 29
1227 Carouge
+41 22 301 42 30
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Access:bus 15, Carouge GE Marché Bus 11, 21, Carouge GE Moraines
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