Musée de Carouge

Inaugurated in October 1984 after an important legacy from painter Emile Chambon to the town of Carouge, the Musée de Carouge is a municipal museum, primarily dedicated to the conservation of the Carouge Heritage and to the organisation of temporary exhibitions related to local life, and participates regularly in various events organised in Carouge (Printemps carougeois, Vogue). This museum institution contributes actively to increasing knowledge of the town and its artists by publishing works in two collections: Petite bibliothèque carougeoise and Carnets duMusée. The museum also promotes the arts by commissioning original screen-print posters, notably that for the Poussin exhibition, which received an award as best Swiss poster in 1992, those of Claude Luyet for the Studio GDS show in 1997 and for the International Ceramics Competition in 1999, or that of Tom Tirabosco for the Regards sur Carouge exhibition in 2004.


Musée de Carouge
Place de Sardaigne 2
1227 Carouge
022 307 93 80
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