Musée de la Main

The Musée de la main was created on the initiative of surgeon Claude Verdan, who was looking for a space to house his collection consisting of many objects and writings related to the hand. In 1997, after a 16-year search, the Claude Verdan foundation moved to the house of the former caretaker of the Cantonal Hospital, entirely renovated at the time: this was the start of the Musée de la main. Today, the space has organised almost thirty exhibitions, about one important show a year, allowing visitors of all ages to explore current scientific, medical and social themes in a playful and lively manner. Some exhibitions in the past: Violences (2015-2016), Le Temps qui reste (2016), Anatomies (2014), Sel (2013-2014), Touch (2012), Peau (2011-2012), Si un jour je meurs… (2010), Du baiser au bébé (2006-2007), Chair, Voyages intérieurs (2003-2004), Parfum (2002), Le Corps – miroir du Monde (2000-2001).


Musée de la Main
Rue du Bugnon 21
1011 Lausanne
+41 (0)21 314 49 55
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Access:Métro M2, CHUV
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