Since the town of Nyon has only a few spaces to show works by artists from the region, the town Fondation pour les arts et la culture decided to entrust students at ECAL with the brief of redesigning the Espace de la Grenette to this end. Selecta thus opened its first show in October 2014. The space then set up an association to promote contemporary art by young artists from the region. It has three to four shows a year – usually collective -, on its premises or occasionally outdoors. Some artists shown in the past: Fanny Ducommun, Xénia Laffely, Denis Rouèche, Jean-Christophe Huguenin, Raphaël Faure, Florian Luthi, Fabrice Schneider, Joé Borges, Nastasia Meyrat, Jessica Russ, Mathias Good, Jacques-Alain Demont, Claudius Weber, Louisa Gagliardi, Emile Barret, Manon Wertenbroek, Benoît Billotte.


Selecta - Espace de la Grenette
Place du Marché 2
1260 Nyon
+41 79 850 57 14
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Access:Bus 805, Nyon, Petit Perdtemps
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