Within its gorgeous space where white walls show up the raw wood roof beams and parquet, the Stadio gallery has proposed several exhibitions a year since 2014. Installations, sculpture, painting, drawings, projections… Stadio enjoys bringing together artists, several per show often, to play with the available space. A dialogue starts up between the works and the space, and universes mix. The owners of the space, themselves young artists from the region, open their picture rails to local contemporary creation. Some artists shown in the past: Jacques Duboux, Guillaume Ehinger, Mathias Forbach, Marco Nicolas Heinzen, Daniel V. Keller, Armand Morin, Adrien Chevalley, Simon Deppierraz, Laurent Kropf, Damiàn Navarro, Jonathan Binet, Katinka Bock, Jacques Bonnard, Sylvain Croci-Torti, Nicolas Delaroche, Julien Fischer, Timothée Messeillier, Roman Ondàk, Jamie Reid, Elodie Seguin.


Rue de la Valsainte 11
1800 Vevey
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Access:Train: Gare CFF Vevey
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