Utopiana Geneva stands out as a transdisciplinary artistic platform. It is a non-profit association that seeks to broaden the possibilities and borders of artistic productions. This space welcomes artists as residents, from near and far. For them, it is a privileged period to develop a project and present it to visitors; for others, it is an opportunity to have access to contemporary artistic practices from elsewhere. Utopiana’ s premise is to not define models or normalise ways of supporting the development of an artistic residency approach. Utopiana welcomes artists of various ages, at different stages of life and from different fields of art, who highlight the space and time of our era. The residency aims to provide the conditions for open and unencumbered artistic work. It can be a new, specific work, a reflection on artistic expression or research for a future project.


Avenue des Eidguenots 21
1203 Genève
022 344 14 70
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Access:Camille-Martin, situé sur la route principale: Avenue d’Aïre, au bout de l’Avenue des Eidguenots. Bus 7 et 9
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