Villa Dutoit

Villa Dutoit is a cultural centre for the Petit-Saconnex neighbourhood and the city of Geneva. This institution stands out by associating types in synergy: during each exhibition period, it organises concerts (classical or jazz), lectures and readings. It is managed and run by the Association de la Villa Dutoit according to the terms of an agreement on the provision of premises. Its mandate is to promote cultural activities for an audience that goes well beyond the neighbourhood. The cultural events it develops include a mixed programme of different artistic genres, allowing synergies between the audience, visitors and various cultural players. Villa Dutoit is not available for rent, but it is possible to occasionally programme partnerships with other cultural associations.


Villa Dutoit
Chemin Gilbert-Trolliet 5
1209 Petit-Saconnex Genève
022 733 05 75
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Access:Bus 3 - arrêt: Trembley 
Bus 10 - arrêt: Bouchet 
Bus 22, 51 & 53 - arrêt: Mervelet
Tram 14 - arrêt: Bouchet; Parking recommandé : Av. du Bouchet / Trembley / Mervelet
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