Livre de Joël Tettamanti

Joël Tettamanti
Works 2001 – 2019

“In the era of digitalization the book rediscovers the unique qualities of print, and combines the means of traditional book production with print-on-demand in one and the same book. This allows for Tettamanti to update some of the contents on a regular basis, and for you to make a more active choice about your very own issue of the publication “Works 2001-2019”.

“Works 2001-2019” is a work-in-progress, in the best sense of the word. It provides an overview on Tettamanti’s work so far, invites readers onto a journey along the long-term subjects he addresses, and also allows for the photographer to include upcoming projects to add new perspectives to this context. The book comes in three different editions: While the Basic Edition presents all photographs in black-and-white, the Special Edition offers readers the choice to choose their one favourite image to appear in colour. The Premium Edition provides an additional limited edition print on top.”

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