Serge Cantero

Painting, wood engraving, drawing, performance, literature, sculpture, photography, cinema

Artist’s planning

To 13 October 2017 From 10 February 2018

Serge Cantero @ Galerie HumuS, Lausanne

Space(s):Humus Artist(s): Serge Cantero

To 2 September 2017 From 16 September 2017

Serge Cantero @ Casino de Morges

Space(s):Casino de Morges Artist(s): Serge Cantero

To 4 April 2014 From 6 April 2014

Serge Cantero @ Espacechallens13, Lausanne

Space(s):EspaceEchallens 13 Artist(s): Alain Freudiger, Arthur Besson, Gaël Bandelier, Gérald Perera, John Menoud, Louis Schild, Nicolas Carrel, Serge Cantero , Things to Sound, Yves Tenret et Adama Diaw

Serge Cantero @ Espace Echallens13, Lausanne

Space(s):EspaceEchallens 13 Artist(s): Serge Cantero