Geneva – Rhône


The river that flows out of the lake has made an important contribution to the development of Geneva. Through transportation, energy and exchanges, its functions have played a crucial role and have left strong traces on the site that have been readapted little by little as needs be. It is precisely these transformations that make it an interesting place today, as they have so greatly remodelled their primary functions by minute individual touches. The Fil du Rhône project was in particular instrumental in giving a certain tone to this rearrangement of separate objects. It was the excuse for small constructions or new transformations, and usefully binds completely distinct objects or autonomous activities, such as the alternative cultural scene, riverside bars, public bathing spots, and lei- sure spaces. You thus pass progressively from the very urban quayside to a natural leisure site, while necessarily having the strange feeling of being on the edge of something. You must not hesitate to cross and recross the many constructions, bridges, converted wharves and small squares along the river to discover the various elements and surprising views.